Entergy Texas is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and is following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines and recommendations on the steps to take to help prevent the spread of the virus. Currently, Entergy Texas is continuing to provide energy efficiency program services while abiding by restrictions and recommendations set forth by the CDC and the state of Texas. If you have questions about the impacts of the pandemic on energy efficiency program services you have planned, please contact 281-297-2213.

Imagine what you can do with the savings.

Energy can be one of the largest expenses for any kind of organization. Enroll in the no-cost Commercial Solutions Program to identify energy-saving opportunities and earn incentives.

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Business lighting
Incentive Rates
Eligible Measures Incentive per kW Incentive per kWh
HVAC $250 per kW $0.02 per kWh
Lighting $165 per kW $0.01 per kWh
Refrigeration $275 per kW $0.02 per kWh
Roofing $250 per kW $0.02 per kWh
Custom / Other $165 per kW $0.02 per kWh


  • Lower your energy costs.
  • Shift savings back into your organization.
  • Boost comfort and safety in your facility.
  • Earn incentives for qualifying energy efficiency measures.
  • Lessen your impact on the environment.
  • Publicize your energy efficiency accomplishments.

The process is simple.

  1. Enroll in the program by signing a Letter of Intent and providing an Entergy Texas electric bill and new base vendor form for affected facilities.
  2. Get a pre-inspection of your facility to identify energy-saving opportunities.
  3. Fill out an incentive application to calculate savings.
  4. Complete your energy-saving project.
  5. Get a post-inspection to finalize savings and verify new equipment installation.
  6. Receive an incentive check or direct deposit within six weeks of project completion.

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